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Warranty Information

Tidewater Marine Products stands behind their products and offers the manufacturer’s warranty for each product. 
  • Pneumatic floating lifts – 10 years on the tanks / 3 years on the control and substructure
  • Wave Armor Boat and Jetski ports – 8 year    Floating Docks – 10 year
  • Gulfstream Docks – 20 year
  • Titanstor Dock Boxes – 10 year
  • Mooring devices – 1 year from installation
  • Installation brackets and hardware – 1 year from installation


Owners responsibilities
  • The owner is responsible that the product is fit for its intended purpose and that the provided location is fit for the product
  • Any and all periodic maintenance or adjustments not covered by the warranties must be performed by a qualified professional at the owner’s expense.
  • Any defects found must be reported in a timely manner. If the potential for further damage to the product or item the product was intended for, use of the product must stop.


What is not covered by the warranties
  • Any and all routine maintenance and/or periodic service are not covered by these warranties and are the owners responsibility to maintain these warranties.
  • Warranties are for personal applications only, commercial applications do not apply.
  • Any and all repairs past the warranty period are the customers responsibility.
  • Any damage that is not the dealer’s fault: acts of god, vandalism, negligence, overloading, high water, low water, modification, abusive operation, corrosion etc is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Damage caused by a change of boat / jetski that the lift was originally set up for without having a representative of Tidewater make the adjustments for the new boat / jetski.
  • Damage, which is caused by improper product selection, failure to follow applicable installation and maintenance recommendations, or failure to follow applicable instructions or warnings is not covered by this limited warranty.
  • Damage caused by improper boat placement or overloading are not covered.


  • Tidewater stands behind no warranties other than what is stated here. No agent, employee, or representative has the authority to offer anything other than what is stated here.
  • Failure to follow instructions and guidelines listed within, but not limited to, installation and operation manuals may void these warranties.
  • The owners remedies under these warranties are limited exclusively to failure due to manufacturers defects in materials or workmanship during normal operation. If a defect is found Tidewater may replace the part or repair it if the part is indeed defective.
  • Changes to the product due to general use, age, and environment are not classified as a defect. Consideration of the defect will require physical proof of the defect. 
  • Tidewater is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage, included but not limited to damages of property, loss of use, lost profits or expenses for the inconvenience.