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marine accessories

mooring, dock boxes, lighting & more

Tidewater Marine Products offers an array of marine accessories including the revolutionary Swift Cleat, coming soon!  Dock boxes safeguard nautical essentials, power pedestals provide essential power and mooring systems that protect your boat investment keeping it secure and safe.

Swift Cleat

Swift Cleat offers boaters a versatile and convenient mooring solution that adapts effortlessly to any situation. Whether you need to add it to an existing piling at any height in just minutes or position it precisely for your boat’s unique requirements, Swift Cleat ensures a secure tie-in every time, even in unfamiliar docking scenarios.

Titanstor Dock Boxes

TitanSTOR™ dock boxes are the ultimate storage solution for boaters, boasting a range of features that cater to your every need. With ample space, they can accommodate all your favorite water recreational toys, fishing gear, skis, rafts, and tubes, keeping your waterfront adventures well-organized. 

seahorse mooring systems

Seahorse Mooring systems include the Tide Right and the Rough Rider. They are both designed to safely and securely anchor vessels in place while docked. They allow for your vessel to travel up and down with tides and rough water while keeping all of your lines taught. 

doklite lighting

Tidewater Marine Products is your trusted partner for all your dock and boat lift lighting needs. Our comprehensive range of products includes Guide Pole Lights, Solar Piling Caps, and Edge Lighting, each meticulously designed to enhance your waterfront experience. Whether you’re navigating your boat into a slip, illuminating your dock for evening gatherings, or looking for an eco-friendly lighting solution, Tidewater has you covered. 

Power Pedestals

fish cleaning stations

Dock Ladders

Piling Caps

boat lift covers


Our team is available for any questions you may have or to provide a free quote.


Our team is available for any questions you may have or to provide a free quote.