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floating boat lifts

The most versatile boat lifts on the market

Tidewater Marine Products offers the most versatile boat lifts on the market! 

Why is our lift perfect for you?

  • Ease of use, one button up or down with auto leveling makes operation a breeze.
  • Full-length walkways down each side make this the easiest lift to board, work from, clean, load, etc. Ease of boarding becomes even more critical when boating with people needing assistance to board including; kids, grandparents, dogs, and handicapped.
  • Low profile design lifts your boat high and dry while keeping your view clear of the pilings, cables, beams, and motors of old fashioned cable/elevator lifts.  You work hard to have a water view why block it?
  • Due to the design, the boat sits down inside the lift adding a layer of protection not found on other lifts.
  • No permits are required in most locations.
  • The lift runs off of simple 110/20amp power – no hardwiring needed.
  • Manufactured out of Marine Grade Aluminum with stainless steel hardware and brass nuts, our lifts a specifically designed to live in a salty environment.
  • With no hinges or moving parts little to no regular maintenance is required.
  • Can be moved if you move and modified to fit a different boat if you upgrade.

Our lift is offered in sizes from 6,000 to 35,000 lbs. It is capable of handling nearly any hull (deep v, catamaran, pontoon,.. etc.) and nearly any drive. 

There is no other choice when it comes to our versatility. Combined with exceptional engineering, style, functionality, ease of use our lift should be your boat lift choice.

Product Features

rugged, polyethylene tanks for extreme durability
Coninuous walkways for Easy boarding, service, and cleaning.
Marine Grade Aluminum structure to extend product life
One button up and down with auto leveling.
Can be moored easily to fixed or floating docks.
Fits nearly any hull design and most drives

Time Lapse of Auto-leveling System

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water is needed?

This depends on which capacity lift you require but typically 30″ plus the draft of your boat.

What is the lift structure made out of?

The structure is a marine grade aluminum. All hardware is stainless steel. While the boat is lifted and at rest there are no metallic components in the water.

What are the power source options?

The standard power source is a simple 110 volt. No hardwiring is required. The lift can even be run off of a small generator, boat inverter, or solar set up with inverter. 

What happens if I purchase a larger boat in the future?

As your boating needs change, capacity and bunking can adapt to your boat! No need to buy an entire new lift. 

What happens during a hurricane

Because the lift floats, it has no limit to its ability to ride the surge. When prepared properly history shows that floating lifts tend to survive storms better than structural lifts.

How do I secure it

simple, with floating docks the lift can just be tied in with lines. On fixed docks it can be secured with lines or we offer a flexible mooring system that eliminates the need for lines.

Does it require a permit

In the state of Florida, House Bill 847 was passed July 2023 eliminating the ability for local governments to require a permit in most floating lift setups. the lift still falls under easement laws.