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Gulf Stream Docks

Floating boat lifts and docks

Gulf Stream Docks

The Gulf Stream floating boat lifts and docks are designed with features that you will not find anywhere else. Premium floats are at the heart of Gulf Stream Docks’ systems. Their unique size and surface texture provide a clean finished look that fits in with any waterfront environment from residential to commercial and governmental applications. The dock systems are designed to be extremely user friendly for both do-it-yourself and pro installations. The assembly process is fast and easy. Most of the dock systems can be assembled in just a few hours and some cases in as little as 30 minutes. The proprietary multi-function connecting pins and internal service channels adds performance features not found in any other system.
High grade materials, superior rigidity, 20 year warranty

What Makes a Gulf Stream dock different?

Superior Float Design
The first thing you will notice about Gulf Stream Docks is the size and appearance of the floats. They measure 20 inches by 40 inches – twice the size of other offerings. We offer floats in both 14” and 9” heights. 
Internal Support Beam & Utility Channel
Another exclusive Gulf Stream Docks’ feature are a series of internal channels that are created in between each row of floats that can be used to secure support beams to form a skeletal structure right inside the dock to provide extra support and buoyancy when needed. 
Multi-Functional Connecting Pins
Gulf Stream Docks connecting pins are injection molded out of super tough nylon that provides excellent strength and ease of installation. 
Engineered Post Floats
Others use post floats that look like they were made in a garage, and PVC plumbing pipe post covers that you buy at a home improvement store. Gulf Stream Docks has designed and bult post floats with a sleek and versatile design.