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Swift Cleat

the first Where you need it, when you
need it mooring cleat

Swift Cleat is designed to offer a versatile and convenient mooring cleat solution to boaters. It can easily adapt to any situation and provides a secure tie-in every time, even in unfamiliar docking scenarios. This cleat can be added to an existing piling at any height in just a few minutes or positioned precisely to meet the unique requirements of your boat. 

The Swift Cleat is made from high-grade materials that are sleek and durable, ensuring it will be there when you need it in all situations.

In the event of harsh weather conditions, you can rely on multiple Swift Cleats to provide added mooring security during a storm.

Patent No.: 11,897,584

Created with high grade materials, Swift Cleat completed a torture test, withstanding over 2,000lbs without fail.

  • Swift Cleat helps maintain a neat and tidy appearance by keeping messy lines in check.
  • The design makes it easy to take Swift Cleat with you.
  • With no modification, Swift Cleat will fit most standard-sized pilings including square.
  • Add to any piling at any height in minutes for a truly customizable mooring option.
  • Place at specific positions for your boat’s needs.
  • Unfamiliar docking situation? Bring Swift Cleat and always to achieve a secure tie-in.
  • Use it as a grab handle at the height that works best for you.
  • Utilize multiple Swift Cleats for secure mooring during a storm.

Swift Cleat Assembly & Installation

Assembling the Swift Cleat is remarkably straightforward, making it an accessible solution for both novice and experienced boaters alike. With its intuitive design and simple installation process, users can effortlessly attach or detach the cleat from any location as needed offering unparalleled convenience.