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Kayak Docks

Safe & simple solutions for kayak storage
Wave Armor

Kayak Launch

The new Wave Armor Kayak Launch is made for the beginner or a seasoned kayaker. It’s great for getting on the water in early spring through late fall without getting your feet wet! A simple & safe solution – Also great for canals where you have seawalls.


  • Can be attached to our beautiful Wave Armor dock or any standard fixed dock or other brands of floating docks
  • Rails feature strategically positioned ball-shaped handgrips for effortless entry and launching
  • Includes one set of rails, with option for second set for continuous travel-through
gulf stream docks

Kayak Dock

TheGulf Stream Kayak Docks allow you to maneuver kayaks on and off a floating dock with very little effort. The exclusive roller bars are positioned inside an opening in the dock right at the water line. Just set your kayak on the roller bars, which allows you to get in and out of your kayak while it is stable. With just a slight effort pull the kayak forward and the roller bars allow you to glide the kayak into the water and paddle off to your next adventure. When you return, just pull yourself back on the roller bars and onto the dock. We offer models of various sizes and to accommodate a wide variety of kayaks and walking areas on the dock. You can add a floating walkway or platform area for storage and lounging to accommodate all of your waterfront needs.

Features and benefits:

  • Modular dock system is extremely user friendly for both do-it-yourself and pro installations
  • The assembly process is fast and easy
  • Our float modules are twice the size of other offerings and feature a clean and subtle non-skid tread pattern that is safe and easy to walk on and looks great in any application
  • Years of rugged and trouble free use
  • Connecting pins are designed to be used as attachment points for handrails, storage racks and more
  • Can be attached to the beautiful Wave Armor dock or any standard fixed dock or other brands of floating docks