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Piling & guide pole lighting

Lighting for aesthetics and safety

piling & guide pole lighting

Tidewater Marine Products is your trusted partner for all your dock and boat lift lighting needs. Our comprehensive range of products includes Guide Pole Lights, Solar Piling Caps, and Edge Lighting, each meticulously designed to enhance your waterfront experience. Whether you’re navigating your boat into a slip, illuminating your dock for evening gatherings, or looking for an eco-friendly lighting solution, Tidewater has you covered. Our Guide Pole Lights ensure safe and convenient docking, while our Solar Piling Caps harness the power of the sun, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. Plus, our stylish Edge Lighting adds a touch of sophistication to your waterfront space while providing essential safety during nighttime activities. Discover the perfect lighting solution for your marine lifestyle with Tidewater Marine Products.


GuideLites solar Guide Posts

Marine guide post lights for boat lifts are an essential addition to any waterfront property. These specialized lights are designed to ensure safe and hassle-free boat docking, even in low-light conditions. By illuminating the guide posts along your boat lift, they provide visual guidance for precise boat positioning, preventing accidents and damages. Whether you’re returning from a late-night excursion or navigating in adverse weather, marine guide post lights enhance visibility and peace of mind. Choose reliability and safety for your boat lift with these essential marine accessories.

Sea horse

DokLites Solar Piling Cap

Solar piling caps are a cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solution for enhancing your waterfront property. These innovative caps are designed to fit on top of pilings, serving a dual purpose of protection and illumination. When night falls, these caps automatically illuminate, casting a gentle and welcoming glow along your dock or pier. Not only do they add an elegant aesthetic to your waterfront space, but they also reduce electricity costs and minimize your carbon footprint. Solar piling caps are a smart and sustainable choice for those looking to combine functionality, style, and eco-consciousness along their shoreline.


  • Install within mintues
  • UV and impact resistant housing
  • Warranty include, lasts for years
  • Designed and built in the USA

DokLites EdgeLite Solar Light

Elevate your marine dock’s lighting game with EdgeLites, the ultimate solar light solution. Each box includes two EdgeLites, ensuring you have everything you need to brighten up your waterfront space. Available in both striking blue and classic white, these lights not only enhance the aesthetics of your dock but also harness the power of direct or indirect sunlight, converting it into energy for efficient nighttime illumination. Proudly made in the USA, EdgeLites showcase a commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainability. With patent-pending technology and compact dimensions, these lights are a smart and stylish choice for lighting up your marine dock in a way that’s both eco-conscious and visually appealing.


  • EdgeLites are sold in PAIRS. Two EdgeLites are included in each box.
  • Available in Blue or White
  • Edgelite turns direct or indirect light into energy
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending
  • EdgeLite Dimensions – 4¼ in. wide – 2 in. tall – 2½ in. deep