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floating boat lifts

The most versatile boat lifts on the market

Floating Boat Lifts

Tidewater Marine Products offers floating boat lifts that combine exceptional engineering with style and accessiblity. These are the most versatile boat lifts on the market today. Marine-grade polylethylene tanks effortlessly support the hull in nearly any location with as little as 24 inches of water under the boat keel/skeg. Now it’s easier to keep you boat looking its best with easy access to clean your hull and prop via the continuous walkways on the boat lift. The frame is marine-grade aluminum and fitted with stainless steel hardware, so you can boat in fresh or saltwater.

Free-floating means this lift can simply be tied to a dock or piling.

If you are looking to add a boat to your fleet but are out of dock space, this boat lift is perfect for you. You can protect your boat with a floating boat lift without increasing the footprint of your dock.

Product Features

rugged, marine-grade polyethylene tanks
Coninuous walkways for safety and easy access
Aluminum structure to extend product life
push-button mounted user-friendly controls
easily tie to fixed or floating docks
supports inboard wake, pontoon and tritoon boats

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water is needed?

Two feet, plus the draft of the boat. Approximately three feet.

What is the lift structure made out of?

The structure is a marine grade aluminum. All hardware is stainless steel. While the boat is lifted and at rest there are no metallic components in the water.

What are the power source options?

The standard power source is a simple 110 volt. The lift can also be easily operated with an inverter on boat battery. Also available is a solar unit that mounts to the dock.

What happens if I purchase a larger boat in the future?

As your boating needs change, capacity and bunking can adapt to your boat! No need to buy an entire new lift. 

How much dock space is required?

None! The lift and controls are combined in a single unit.

What is the overall width of the floating lifts?

A good rule of thumb is the width is 2 feet wider than the beam of the boat.

Are there complicated electronics that could cause problems?

No, our floating lifts are purposefully designed to be simple. In fact, there are no moving parts at all! Nothing that requires maintenance.

Will it be difficult to access my boat?

The floating boat lifts offer unparalleled easy accessibility to your boat with continuous walkways that extend the full length of the lift.