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Swift Cleat

the boating industries first truly Customizable cleat

Swift Cleat offers boaters a versatile and convenient mooring solution that adapts effortlessly to any situation. Whether you need to add it to an existing piling at any height in just minutes or position it precisely for your boat’s unique requirements, Swift Cleat ensures a secure tie-in every time, even in unfamiliar docking scenarios. Its multi-functional design also doubles as a grab handle, allowing you to choose the ideal height for your comfort. Plus, Swift Cleat helps maintain a neat and tidy appearance by keeping messy lines in check, thanks to its sleek and durable construction from high-grade materials. When the weather turns rough, you can rely on multiple Swift Cleats for secure mooring during a storm, knowing they offer superior durability to withstand the harshest conditions.

*Patent Pending*

High grade materials, superior durability

  • Add to any piling at any height in minutes for a truly customizable mooring option.
  • Place at specific positions for your boats needs.
  • Unfamiliar docking situation? Bring Swift Cleat to always achieve a secure tie in.
  • Use as a grab handle at the height that works best for you.
  • Tidy up messy lines for a clean look.
  • Utilize multiple Swift Cleats for secure mooring during a storm.